Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom
(2002, Sierra Entertainment, Inc.)

The first project I worked on at BreakAway Games was Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. I started the project as the 'Cinematic Lead', which meant that I was primarily responsible for the pre-rendered opening movie for the game. I helped develop the initial storyboards for the opening, and modeled some of the characters and environments. I supervised a team of up to six other artists to create the final opening movie. I managed all the rendered assets and did the final compositing.

I modeled and animated this camel.

I modeled a section of the Great Wall under construction.

I built this guardhouse.

This shot includes several hundred individual 'hordsemen' which were procedurally animated and composited.
Emperor was a game about ancient China, and so had various gods, godesses and other legendary people as 'hero' characters that the players could control. I modeled, textured, and animated most of the hero characters in the game. Since the game uses all pre-rendered sprites, this is exactly as as they appeared in game.

Most of the detail in these characters was painted into their various texture maps.
This map was for one of the characters pants.