For F.E.A.R. 3 I created a full-screen filter that mimics digital artifacts and blue color-correction for a unique view when playing as the Phase Soldier in FEAR 3.



I created a fullscreen filter effect for use when driving one of the one-man mecha in FEAR 3 that adds RGB 'pixels', color-correction, and subtle pin-cushion distortion to suggest that the player is seeing the action through a video camera and display screen.


This shows a full-screen sharpening effect that I developed for FEAR 3 (though it was not used in the final game). It does a local contrast-enhancement similar to an 'Unsharp Mask' in Photoshop.



Certain items in FEAR 3 (dropped weapons, locks, etc.) needed a visual effect to draw attention to them. This is a 'sheen' effect I created that is used on all of them.



When playing the game in 'no gore' and 'no violence' mode, or when playing in multiplayer, corpses need to disappear for performance and standards reasons. I created the material-animation portion of this effect, shown here.



In order to create more interesting lighting on characters in dark environments, I created a fake 'backlighting' shader to add lighting to the tops and sides of characters. This shader uses the normal-mapped geometry to calculate the lighting, and vertex normals to cull non-silhouette highlights. (The effect turns on and off to show before/after. )



In the "F**king Run" gametype of FEAR 3, players are chased through the level by a ghostly wall of vengeful spirits. I created this effect using animated vertex deformation maps and layers of animated textures. (This clip starts off with a first pass implementation, followed by clips of the final version that shipped with the game.)