This shows the final version of the three levels of personal shields available in Fracture. I created all the shield and shield hit material effects for this augmentation.



This shows in more detail the 3rd stage of player shields with hit effects. You can also see the enemy characters 'bio shield' effects that are technically similar, but were made to look more bio-tech.



This shows the augmentation upgrade sequence for all upgrades in Fracture. I created the all material effects you see on the hero character.



These two clips show the components of an unused 'ghost shield' effect. The enemy on the left shows the ghost effect fully enveloping the character. The enemy on the right shows the progressive mask animating across the character. The second clip shows the mask being animated with a glow as each segment turns on.



This shows a proposed feedback for telling the player which objects were dynamic, or were locked to the terrain grid. These visual effects were not included in the shipping game.



The Dreadnought (a giant robot) is a bio-tech monster. This shows the interior of one of the feet. I developed the material effects (inspired by cuttlefish!)