Nathan Heazlett
716 Hunting Place
Baltimore, MD 21229
mobile: 703-346-2174
home: 410-947-7106


  • Shader/Material development for surfaces, special-effects and camera filters.
  • Lighting and atmosphere for game levels.
  • Rapid-prototyping using game-engine scripting and logic.
  • Setup and tuning of ragdolls and dynamic objects for physics simulation
  • Create flexible and reusable character rigs and scripted animation tools for keyframe/mocap animation.
  • Develop and maintain scripted production tools using maxscript, Python, Lua, etc.
  • Strong grounding in math/programming and experience with a wide variety of languages and technologies.
  • Modeling and animation using 3ds max, Maya, and Softimage.
  • Develop and document production processes and requirements.
  • Mentor and train artists to use new techniques and tools.
  • Research and evaluate new production techniques and tools.

Project Contributions

Unannounced Project (2011, Day 1 Studios internal project. PC)
Senior Technical Artist / Technical Art Director. Developed all base materials and customizable materials for player avatars. Set up and designed environment lighting effects and post-processing filters. Developed and implemented shader-based particle-lighting. Created prototype 3d HUD using Lua script interface and custom shaders. Defined tools and graphics needs for long-term project planning.

F.E.A.R. 3 (2011, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. PC, Xbox, and PS3)
Senior Technical Artist. Created full-screen filter effects for color correction, post-processing, and special effects. Created shader-based visual effects along with particle effects team. Developed lighting guidelines and special-effects. Developed performance budgets for art with engineering staff. Profiled and managed art asset performance. Managed background art assets for cinema outsourcing studios. Participated with tools group to define tools needs and test implemented tools.

Unreleased Prototypes (2009-2010, Pitch demos. Xbox, and PS3)
Senior Technical Artist. Environment lighting and atmospheric effects for visual prototypes. Developed material effects and fullscreen filter effects for several licensed game pitches. Developed base materials and material effects for hero character.

Fracture (2008, LucasArts. Xbox, and PS3)
Contract Manager / Technical Artist. Managed outsource art production. Designed and documented source file organization and best practices guidelines for art team. Environment lighting and prototype lighting performance guidelines. Created fullscreen filter effects for color-correction and visual effects. Character ragdolls and dynamic environment object setup and troubleshooting. Technical animation of non-character assets.

Lord of the Rings, Battle for Middle Earth II: Rise of the Witch King (2006, EA Games. PC)
Lead Technical Artist. Provided engine and pipeline support for art/design staff. Managed and integrated outsourced art assets. Visual effects for hero and villain characters.

Arabian Lords (2007, released)
Lead Technical Artist. Modeled and rigged characters and stage-set prototypes. Scripted prototype functionality.

Mythic Palace CCG (2007, released)
Technical Artist. Developed a Python-based .pdf creation application to print playtest cards from a database.

Argus (2004, Unreleased Demo)
Lead Technical Artist. Created prototype art assets. Scripted elements of automatic ‘art build’. Scripted interactive elements of demo (in Lua).

Ancient World (2004, Unreleased Demo)
Lead Technical Artist. Created prototype art assets. Rigged and animated prototype character.

Sid Meier’s Civilization III: Conquests (2003, Atari, Inc.)
Art Technical Support. Created scripted sprite-render tools.

Splash (2002, Unreleased Demo)
Lead Artist. Supervised production of a proof-of-concept video. Supervised production of art assets. Designed and documented art production pipeline. Developed algorithm for fish animation system, prototyped in maxscript. Developed and documented technical design of art assets including procedurally animated in-game fish and custom Character Studio Crowd behavior scripts for the project pitch-video.

Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom (2002, Sierra Entertainment, Inc.)
Cinematic Lead Artist. Developed ‘animatic’ from storyboards. Modeled, textured, and animated characters and animals for pre-rendered game intro. Supervised production of game intro. Designed, modeled, textured, and animated in-game ‘Hero’ characters.


Senior Technical Artist
Day 1 Studios
Hunt Valley, MD
7/06 – 12/11
Designed and documented art standards and created technical art assets for several AAA console/PC games and prototypes. Developed materials/shaders and shader-based effects for color-correction, atmosphere and lighting. Developed scripted tools and workflow for envrionment and prop-modeling teams. Managed outsourced art production for props and cinema environments.

Lead Technical Artist
BreakAway, Ltd. (BreakAway Games)
Hunt Valley, MD
6/01 – 7/06
Led design and implementation of art production pipelines for several games. Created art tools in MaxScript, Python, etc. Created prototype art assets for rapid-prototyped game demos. Rigged characters for animation using keyframe and procedural techniques.

Design Technologist
Vienna, VA
7/00 – 5/01
Interface design and information architecture for websites. Interactive and scripted elements of Flash animations. Web application back end design and production using Zope (design and implementation of a content-management system for client websites). Implemented a simple generic JavaScript API for page-layout and animation).

Application Designer / Webmaster
LambSoft, Inc
Minneapolis, MN
1/99 - 7/00
Interface design, functional specification, and testing for LambSoft MoveTools and Pro Motion. Technical direction of demo animations. Modeling and character set-up for motion-capture animation. Wrote end-user documentation and tutorials. Development of automatic build process of art assets for Show-Me (Half-Life engine-based application). Design and production of advertising and trade-show materials. Website design and production (

Academy of Communication Arts
Bloomington, MN
3/98 - 12/98
Taught modeling and animation using 3d Studio MAX. Designed curriculum content and demos. Technical support for students using Photoshop and Illustrator to produce graphics for use in animation.

School of Communication Arts
Saint Louis Park, MN
5/97 - 3/98
Taught several six-month classes in Computer Art and Animation. Taught modeling and animation using 3D Studio MAX. Taught illustration using Corel Draw and Photoshop.

Production Manager
Odney Advertising
Bismarck, ND
9/95 - 12/96
Designed and worked with designers to produce print ads and collateral. Supervised press-checks and worked with vendors to produce newspaper and television advertising. Acted as assistant to the director for several television ads.


School of Communication Arts, 1997, Minneapolis, MN
Certificate. Computer Art and Animation

Concordia College, 1995, Moorhead, MN
Bachelor of Arts. Majors: Computer Science, and Studio Art (graphic design)