Splash! recreational SCUBA simulation
(2002, unreleased demo)

Splash! was an unreleased demo that simulated scuba diving on a tropical reef. Before developing a prototype of the game we did a proof-of-concept video. I supervised production of this video and did all the final compositing. This first screenshot is from the concept video, and uses Character Studio's crowd simulation to model fish schooling.

I animated these fish using Character Studio's Crowd simulation. I wrote a custom schooling behavior in MaxScript for these fish.
For the actual scuba-simulation, I developed a system to animate the fish algorithmically. I prototyped the animation system in 3ds max using expressions and scripted controllers. Once the concept was fully developed, the programmers added the capability to the core engine.

Click this fish to see a short video of the algorithmically animated fish.
I supervised production of art assets for the Splash! demo. I also built and textured all of the high-res corals used in the demo.


Diffuse color and normal maps for Brain Corals. I created these in 3ds max. I created a small scripted Render Effect for 3ds max 5.1 to render a diffuse, normal and displacement maps from the same geometry.

Diffuse and Normal maps for small weeds